Lighting Equipment Hire

Green Room Power have an extensive selection of state-of-the-art lighting equipment available for hire, suitable for a variety of different events. Our lighting inventory includes equipment perfect for live events, corporate events, outdoor events, worship events, and hybrid/online events.

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Stage Lighting

Our massive inventory of LED par cans, moving heads, lasers and more from Chauvet, Showtec and other leading brands allow you to design custom stage lighting looks for any live performance or production. Work with our lighting experts to create anything from subtle accent lighting to a full-on rock concert light show.

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From LED spotlights to traditional tungsten, our spotlights from Chauvet and others provide perfect accent lighting to highlight speakers, performers, products and more. Let our experienced team advise you on the best options to achieve your creative vision.

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Lighting & Special Effects

Take your lighting design to the next level with our haze machines, strobes, lasers, pyrotechnics and other effects from Chauvet and Showtec. Collaborate with our skilled technicians to integrate eye-popping lighting effects into your show.

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Site Lighting

Our expansive selection of outdoor rated fixtures from floods to strings lights give you the ability to illuminate any outdoor space beautifully and safely. Tell us your needs and we’ll deliver the perfect site lighting plan.

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Ambient Lighting

Set the mood and transform any space with our ambient lighting options including LED par cans for washing color, festoons for a cozy feel, and uplighters to create a classy atmosphere. Our design team will dial in the perfect ambient lighting for your event.

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Lighting Rigging

Our inventory of rigging accessories like trussing, clamps and cables from Swisson and others allow us to install stage lighting securely and safely. Our experienced riggers can create the ideal lighting setup for productions of any scale.

Key Lighting Brands

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Live Events & Theatre

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Our Team Of Experts Can Advise You On The Best Lighting Solutions For Your Unique Event Needs.