Crafting Unforgettable Events with Care and Expertise

At Green Room Power, our journey began in 2015 with a vision to transform events into captivating experiences through top-notch lighting, sound, and video solutions. What started as a humble venture operating from a house and a modest 150 sqft self-storage unit soon evolved into a thriving enterprise that stands proud today.

Our People, Our Strength

The heart of Green Room Power lies in our dedicated team. Welcoming a Warehouse Manager in February 2023, an Operations Manager in August 2023, and a skilled Technician in October 2023, we reinforced our commitment to delivering excellence at every step. Moving forward into 2024 we are now looking to increase our team further.

We firmly believe that investing in our people is paramount to delivering top-notch services. That’s why we prioritise industry-relevant training and foster an environment that encourages continuous professional growth.

Family-Like Approach, Big Company Results:

Despite our growth, we’ve maintained a family-like ethos, fostering enduring relationships with our clients. Some of our clients have been with us since our inception in 2015, a testament to the trust they place in our services and our unwavering commitment to their satisfaction.

Evolution and Growth:

Our commitment to excellence led us to expand steadily. By 2017, we upgraded to a more spacious 1,500 sqft unit in Newport, marking a pivotal moment in our growth. That same year, the addition of a dedicated Project Manager empowered us to better serve our clients.

Mid-2018 saw us taking another leap forward, settling into a generous 3,000 sqft unit in Blaina. 

Yet, nation-wide challenges arose during the pandemic, causing the event industry to grind to a holt. This prompted us to streamline our operations into a smaller storage space in Newport in 2020.

However, adversity never deterred our progress. In January 2023, we transitioned into a 1,500 sqft unit, and by August of that year, our rapid expansion necessitated a custom-built 3,300 sqft facility complete with office space and a secure 2,000 sqft yard.

Our Environmental Stance:

Beyond our commitment to exceptional service, we deeply care about our impact on the environment. Our initiatives include using a 100% electric van for transport, reducing emissions, and optimising route planning for efficiency. Moreover, we prioritise waste management by recycling materials both at our warehouse and on-site.

Our Promise:

At Green Room Power, pride in our work is non-negotiable. We believe in delivering nothing short of perfection. Every project is executed with precision and dedication, ensuring that each detail is impeccably managed, never settling for a “that’ll do” attitude.

Join us as we continue our journey, weaving magic into every event and setting new benchmarks in event production. Together, let’s create unforgettable experiences that linger in the hearts and memories of all who attend.

Say Hello To Our Team

Photo of Jon in black and white

Jon Salman

Managing Director

Jon brings over two decades of invaluable industry experience and connections to lead Green Room Power's strategies for continued success. His passion drives our focus on executing plans that ensure we exceed client expectations.
Photo of Sam in black and white

Sam Bashir

Operations Manager

Sam has 13 years of technical expertise honed at global events to oversee our daily operations and AV solutions. His energy and production know-how enable flawless events for our clients.
Photo of Anthony in black and white

Anthony Harries

Warehouse Manager

Anthony may be new to events, but his 10 years of logistics mastery keeps our equipment in pristine condition. His eye for detail guarantees our gear ships safely and efficiently to your event site.
Photo of Andy in black and white

Andrew Jones


15 years of versatile technical skills and passion for the magic of events shines through in his work. His expertise in temporary power and AV installations enables unforgettable experiences.

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