Forest Festival: Bringing the world of Street Food Circus to the woodland

Envision an unparalleled forest food festival unfolding over six weekends amidst the picturesque Merthyr Mawr woodlands. Featuring premier street food trucks and chefs hailing from Wales and beyond, the event is seamlessly hosted under canvas within the heart of the Merthyr Mawr Estate.

In this idyllic setting, Green Room Power proudly collaborates with Forest Feastival, providing essential temporary power, WiFi, and lighting services across the expansive woodlands. The unique challenges posed by the Merthyr Mawr woodlands, including challenging terrain, limited phone signal, and absence of mains utilities, are met with unwavering determination by Green Room Power.

Leveraging satellite connectivity, we ensure comprehensive WiFi coverage throughout the site, facilitating efficient card transactions for traders and enabling guests to share their enchanting experiences on social media.

In our commitment to sustainable practices, we prioritise minimal fuel consumption to reduce emissions and generate cost savings for our clients. Our strategic installation planning ensures the generators operate optimally, and the implementation of a centralised generator further contributes to the reduction of overall emissions.

Beyond power supply, we enhance the ambiance of the woodlands by introducing vibrant colour and atmosphere through our IP rated LED lights. Illuminating the trees in a spectrum of hues, these lights add a captivating visual dimension to the entire woodland experience.